Monday, 24 June 2013

Walking the thin line

I have tested my body to the limit this week, emotional stress, physical stress, and time pressured.  In general I've coped well, but since Friday I have really felt that I was in danger of an enormous crash and have been worried by that.  I didn't go to the hydrotherapy pool on Saturday this week knowing that I had an extremely busy day ahead, infant I had to go to bed on Saturday afternoon.  I stumbled on, the thought of a forthcoming holiday keeping me going.  Sunday was equally as busy, but I foolishly thought that squeezing in a Sunday afternoon yoga class might help make me feel a bit better...WRONG!  My baseline heart rate was already raised and anything requiring me standing or using muscle strength made it shoot up.  I couldn't do much and didn't feel good.
After yoga (4pm) I wanted to go straight to bed, but other commitments meant it was 7.45pm before I got there.  These past few years have made me very good at listening to the subtleties of my own body and knowing when it's not happy, and although I have without doubt improved in this area I still struggle to just STOP when I really should.
The next few days are still busy but better than last week and then on Tuesday evening I can relax completely.  I then intend to do nothing for 4 whole days, a very well deserved (if I say so myself) and needed break.


  1. I'm the same way and also pushed myself too hard last week, with my mom visiting. You would think that after 11 years with ME/CFS, I would know by now not to push, but sometimes I still forget to listen to my body.

    I hope you get the rest you need this week!


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    1. Sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do ; )
      Lovely to hear your boys are doing so well Sue.