Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The ME\CFS Regime

Wake up at 4.50am
meditate for 40 mins
Get up and make my daily cup of hot orange with minerals:
Myhills magic mineral mix 2 grams, magnesium chloride 1 gram, ascorbic acid 1/2 gram, acetyl L Carnatine 1/2 gram.
and hubby a cup of tea.
Perrin head,  neck  & chest massage
Hubby does Perrin back massage for me.
Perrin twists and shrugs.
Take POTs medication (Ivabradine)
Cook myself breakfast of spinach and feta scrambled eggs and take with it:
multi vitamin, Co Q 10, L-glutathione, VegEPA, Selenium, Niacinamide (B3), B12
Later I will have a fruit smoothie in which to hide some spirulina, do a yoga class, take evening VegEPA and medication, then meditate again before sleep.
I will  eat gluten free and healthily for lunch and dinner, snacking on nuts and seeds.  I will enjoy a  piece of cake from the local farm when I meet friends there later : )
I will try and pace myself through the day.

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