Friday, 25 November 2011

Translocator Protein Function results

On Tuesday the translocator protein function tests came through from Dr Myhill's office.  It all delves far deeper into the science than I pretend to understand, but the general message is that I have "quite marked damage to mitochondrial membranes, almost certainly because of oxidative stress secondary to poor antioxidant status.  A further feature of this are the high levels of aldehydes and trace malondialdehyde."  There is also lipid damage and diolein.  I have low normal levels of potassium, very low magnesium and low zinc, all essential in the production of energy.  I am already supplementing all of these.
The main treatment suggestions which have come from these tests are to improve my antioxidant status (not sure how that's going to happen yet) and FAR infrared saunaing, little and often, to try and mobilise the chemicals which are stuck onto the mitochondrial membranes and possibly the DNA.  It is supposed to be good for cell health in general.  So far I haven't managed to locate a FAR infra red sauna locally, it's looking a bit like I might have to purchase one.  This weekend I am going to try an epsom salts bath it is supposed to be very good for magnesium absorption.
Yesterday I went to see my GP to organise taking some pancreatic enzymes.  These will help me to digest my food better and hopefully take more goodness from it.  He is getting to know me now, second guessing that I probably wouldn't want to take another tablet (an anti acid) with the enzymes if I could avoid it.  So I went home and took the first one with my lunch only to sit with heart burn for part of the afternoon...perhaps I should of taken the anti-acids after all!  It wasn't bad and I'm going to try without.  I have also re-added Selenium to my supplements.  I was supposed to take it at night and I felt it was disturbing my sleep so stopped taking it, so now I'm taking it in the morning.
Energy wise I've had a really good week this week.  Doing more physically and mentally than I have for a while.  I'm almost waiting for the kickback in the form of fatigue, but interestingly even though yesterday and today I can sense my body's need for rest and relaxation, it has not yet fallen into fatigue.  I need to take it easy for a few days and not push it.

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