Wednesday, 14 March 2012


So, I spent the day in bed and didn't make it out to the celebration dinner on Saturday.  We re-booked the table for Sunday which I was able to do and enjoy.  I was thinking that I had recovered well, but then dipped again on Monday and had tears of fustration in the afternoon at how rubbish this all is.  I didn't have the energy to drive my little lad to football practice Monday teatime, but can't cope with the idea that he has to miss out because his mum is not feeling well so, I got in the car and took him anyway.
Tuesday I felt vaguely better and today I am floored again and couldn't take the girls out to one of their social gatherings.  Fortunately a  kind friend took them for me or I would have felt bad about them missing out again.
I'm going away for the weekend so have to do absolutely nothing tomorrow if I stand any chance of having any energy whilst we are away.  It's been a while since I've had a week like this and it brings The Spoons Theory to mind.  The lady who wrote this passage suffers with Lupus, but it is sometimes refferred to by people with ME/CFS as it communicates some of the issues well. Click for Spoon theory
Had a copy of a letter from my heart consultant to my GP today suggesting a change to my medicine.  He finished his letter by saying "In the meantime hopefully Mrs B can have a look on the internet to get her own thoughts about this move."  I feel he is getting to know me : )

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