Saturday, 24 March 2012

It took a week for me to get back to "normal" and then we were off to Centre Parcs for the weekend, I tried to join in with the activities as much as I could, managing a few goes down the rapids with the children each day.
On Wednesday after my usual daytime activities I was completely washed out by tea time showing me that I obviously hadn't recovered fully from the latest little relapse.  Ant came home after a hard day at the office, prepared dinner put the littley to bed and drove the biggest to her orchestra practise  I was good for nothing.  On Thursday I took myself to the cranial osteopath.  I would like to have gone at some time the previous week, but I just can't drive there when I have no energy.  He said he thought that what had happened the previous week was a warning that I had been doing too much and needed to ease off.  It's just so difficult when you start to feel a bit stronger not to do more.  That night I did manage to make dinner before heading off to bed just before 7pm.
Over the last two days I've been getting gradually stronger again.  Yesterday I managed to raise my voice to call the kids for dinner, something I wasn't able to do on Wednesday and Thursday.  Today I walked down to the village and back again which I haven't done for a while and I was pleased with how I felt when I got back home.
I have decided to put my Mickel Therapy on hold.  I'm finding it's just conflicting too much with the advice I'm receiving from everyone else.  I'm going to send an e-mail explaining to the therapist and suggesting we restart in late August or early September time, by this time I will have been on my supplements for a year and Dr Myhills advice is that if at this point I am symptom free at baseline activity levels I can then start to increase my activity.  This will then  make the Mickel Therapy easier.

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