Monday, 18 June 2012

D-Ribose and ME / CFS / CFIDS

This is the third time I have sat to try and write this blog entry.  Concentration is not good at the moment, although I have been able to read some non-fiction books in short bursts.  I have offered to write a piece on meditation for a local magazine and I really want to do it, but I just don't seem able to set myself down to the task.  The very idea just seems overwhelming.  Thinking about it now as I write, I probably need to break the whole thing down into smaller chunks that seem more manageable such as just sitting down to do some planning one day, maybe prepare an introduction the next and so on. 
This week had been much easier than last.  My fatigue had been back under control again.  My latest Perrin appointment was 7 days ago and I've had been feeling pretty good, some stiffness between my shoulder blades, but most of the symptoms I had last week had subsided.  Unfortunately a late night on Friday and a busy day on Saturday took their toll and by Saturday teatime I was good for nothing.  Sunday continued in the same way, went off to bed in the afternoon, which I don't have to do very often these days.  Felt head achy, hayfevery and my sore throat returned.
Had a bad night's sleep last night, but this morning I do feel a bit revived.  I need to do something to help my brain fog though, I think I need to go back to list writing - I need an action list that I can prioritise as my brain is all over the place and I am jumping from one thing to the next in no particular order and probably achieving very little.  I shall set to work on this today.
On Saturday I had my first cup of caffeinated drink for nearly 3 years.  I have had another today.  One of my supplements D-Ribose is best absorbed when taken with caffeine, but because of my high heart rate I have been avoiding caffeine.  Now my heart rate seems to be more manageable I thought I would try it.  I take D-ribose 5 times a day but at the moment I am just having one cup of green tea in the morning with d-ribose and the other doses I just take with herbal or fruit drinks.  Here is some information about why d-ribose supplementation might help - article

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