Sunday, 10 June 2012

Perrin Technique - Bring it on

I don't really want to blog today as I fear it will read as a whingey list of irritating annoyances.  I know however that I will forget how I'm feeling if I don't document it.  It hasn't been a brilliant week energy wise, but it has been an enjoyable week in other ways.  Two days this week it has been really hard to get out of bed in the morning.  My body has just felt devoid of energy.  I did have a lie- in on those days, but mentally I don't want to be lying in bed, I want to be up, even if I'm doing very little.  When I'm feeling this sort of fatigue, it is my legs and my thighs in particular where I feel the weakness most.  If I'm lying in bed, then lifting my knees so the soles of my feet are flat on the bed is such an effort and the thought of getting up makes you not want to try.  The hardest bit is getting out of bed.  Once I'm up I know I can get mobile, but there is a balance to be had here, Dr Myhill says that the problem of pushing through this sort of fatigue is that it creates cell damage by free radicals, this is a bad thing, particularly if you have a low antioxidant status.
In the past months I have been feeling relatively well at base line activity levels, so as long as I haven't pushed myself physically, emotionally or mentally I have felt fine.  This week however I have been at base line activity levels and still had fatigue and not felt well.  This is the first time I've felt like this for any length of time for quite a while.  In addition to the fatigue, I have had an ulcerated tongue for 6 days now and the vagaries of a sore throat hanging around but not actually developing into anything.  Generally feeling run down.
Due to a fault of my own I have been without one of my supplements for a week now - VEGEPA.  I  normally take 4 of these a day.  Because it coincides with a drop in my energy levels I can't help but wonder if it is connected.  This thought makes me a bit sad as it makes me think that my body is just being artificially pumped up by all the supplements and if I stop taking them I'll be back where I started.  My current mindfulness reading tells me that this is just my mischievous monkey brain chattering negative thoughts at me.  The more positive view is that the way I've been feeling this week is just down to the Perrin Technique treatment and all the toxins that my body is now having to deal with being released into my system.  This is a good thing to that I say, "bring it on".  Really looking forward to Tuesdays appointment to see what my practitioner makes of it all.

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