Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Energy to clean

Last week I asked the cleaners that had been coming to clean for me once a week if they would mind coming once a fortnight.  I wanted to see how I managed with trying to do the cleaning in the alternate weeks.
Tuesday is the day they would normally come so yesterday I set about the cleaning.  In the past cleaning is something that has eaten in to my precious energy VERY quickly.  A short burst of cleaning often left me with a horrible malaise and complete fatigue.  Yesterday I was hoping to clean my en suite bathroom, the family bathroom, the downstairs cloakroom and the kitchen.  I managed the three bathrooms in an hour and then I knew I needed a sit down and thought I would take a rest and tackle the kitchen later.  Once I sat down however I realised how much energy I had used and decided that the kitchen could wait another day and that I should be happy with what I had achieved that day.  This is the new sensible me talking.  So, I think it went pretty well.  I stopped just before I'd overdone it and I felt good about what I'd done.  The cleaners will be back again next week to mop up what I fail to do.  I've discovered I still don't like cleaning, but that's another issue!


  1. Hi Beauts. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. I, too, have had ME for nearly 3 years & have just started The Perrin Technique. My symptoms have been awful this week, so much so, I felt like giving up as I thought I couldn't stand the next few months feeling like this. Thankfully symptoms have eased off a little I have another session tomorrow. I really hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I've been on supplements and injections with Dr Myhill but they have only helped a certain amount. I didn't think they were doing anything til I stopped a couple of them - and I relapsed for about 6 weeks! What kind of symptoms did you get on starting Perrin? I have developed lots and lots of small roundish lumps in the tissue of the areas I massage which are extremely painful and tender. I'm pretty low on the CFS ability scale so I know I have a long way to go. I have tried lots of treatments over the years, none of which have helped. I'd just like to be able to more with my family.

    1. Hello
      Thanks for your comment. I can really understand how giving up comes to mind when the treatment has made you feel bad. As someone who's come out the other side I would encourage you to persevere. When I started the main symptoms after treatment were fatigue and a weird spaced out feeling that I used to have for the rest of the day after a treatment. I also had nausea which wasn't too bad. It used to take me 2 or 3 days to get over a treatment at first, but that gradually reduced. Now I just know that I'm good for nothing for the rest of the day after I've had a treatment, but when i get up the next morning now I'm fine. Most uncomfortably I went through a stage of having lots of cold sores and mouth ulcers. I didn't have the roundish lumps in the massage area you mention, but the area just under my collar bones where I was massaging up to was very tender as was the area where I put my fingers near the bridge of my nose.
      I think the big turning point came for me at about 14 treatments in. I started noticing an increase in energy levels on a regular basis. Even before 14 treatments I had lost the horrible feeling of malaise that used to come with any form of physical exertion or fatigue.
      Now I can't remember the last time I had a "crash" of energy. I scored just a one on Dr Myhills CFS scale 18 months ago, but was scored 6 on Perrins scale at my first appointment seven months ago. Things are looking good and I am able to do more with my family now, I know how fustrating that can be. I would encourage you to stick with it. I know everyone's symptoms and responses are different, but it's just made such a difference for me I can't help but be enthusiastic about it :)
      Please let me know how you get on. Are you keeping a blog to look back on?