Friday, 2 November 2012


Aaaagh!  This morning I woke at 3.20am and didn't go back to sleep.   I never sleep well the night after a Perrin treatment, but it's not normally that bad.  Yesterday morning it was 4.15am. I laid there for a while and then got up at 5.30am. This morning I stayed in bed willing myself to go back to sleep, but it didn't happen.  I can't understand why my sleep should be deteriorating when my general health is improving?
Recovery from my latest Perrin appointment on Tuesday was good, best ever actually.  I'm now moving to   appointments every three weeks which will save a bit of money, but I'm nervous about doing - I want to keep the pressure up on my body.
Yesterday I took the kids swimming.  There are several good things about this; firstly, I organised the trip on Monday and told the children we would be going to the pool on Thursday and we did!  This is called planning, something I haven't been able to do for a long time.  Two things have changed to enable me to do this 1) I am feeling physically stronger a great deal of the time and 2) as a result of number 1) some sort of mental switch has happenned in my head and I am looking forward rather than just working to get through each individual day.
The second good thing was after saying on Monday that we would go swimming on Thursday we actually did.  I was feeling well enough to go through the hassle of driving there and back, changing rooms, showers and getting cold in the pool whilst keeping a 6 year old occupied and safe.  To someone with normal energy levels this probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but I haven't taken my son swimming on my own in over three years.  If I have been in the pool with him in that time I always have Ant or a big sis there so that when I get cold, which happens pretty quickly I can get out and leave the others in the pool.  Struggling to regulate body temperature is a common symptom of ME and some thing I have previously struggled with.
On top of all the above I also swam 125 metres - one lot of 75 and one lot of 50.  I was going to do one more 25, but wisely stopped myself.  My biceps and triceps are so weak, it is very noticeable when trying to swim.  I also climbed 144 steps to the tops of different slides and got pretty cold, but I spent the whole hour in the pool.
Afterwards my thighs were so heavy, and as if they were full of lactic acid, but other than that I felt fine.  I also slept really well 10pm to 4am with no disruption.  Then I woke again at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep.  This afternoon I was tired.  I think all these early mornings are catching up with me and I went off for a 45 minute sleep this afternoon as I am going out this evening and might be a little late back.  I will also be driving forty five minutes each way this evening.
The swimming expedition could still hit me tomorrow, but I'm really starting to think that it might not.

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