Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Weak Week

It's almost a week further along now and my legs still don't seem to have recovered properly.  I was supposed to take the DD's holiday shopping today, but have had to cancel and have been on the sofa most of the morning.  I'm going to try and keep my steps really low today in the hope I may be able to take the girls out tomorrow instead.
I have had a Perrin appointment this week, my physio gave my thighs a lovely massage which hurt at the time, but definitely made them feel better for a short while.  I was pretty good post appointment it had a really bad headache and felt bad by 7pm when I went to bed.
Yesterday I went to my yoga class at the therapy centre which was all either sitting or lying down it normally makes me feel better, but yesterday even that felt Like such hard work.
I guess I've just got to rest up until this passes, but it so hard when there's so much to do.  I've got an interesting book that has been taking me ages to read, so I'm going to force myself to stay sat down and try and finish it.  There's always Candy Crush of course...

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