Wednesday, 17 July 2013

An afternoon outing

Well, my knees and thighs finally feel like they might be back to some kind of normality - thank goodness.  It's taken a week and a half for them to recover.  As i was getting stronger i took it easy andI laid off all my usual weekend activity such as the hydrotherapy pool and yoga and just kept myself busy around the house instead.
In lots of ways this beautifully hot weather has encouraged me to relax more, I've spent some time in the hammock or the garden chairs outside and just sitting in the cool inside.  My body seems to be coping with the heat pretty well at the moment.
I  Overcame a demon today by taking the children on a trip to a local beauty spot where they could swim in the river and cool off.  It's about a half an hour drive from our house and the last time I'd been there was almost 4 years ago just after I had fallen ill.  I remember it fairly well, it was the day I had been to the doctors for the first time, not knowing what was wrong with me but just feeling awful.  My pulse was racing, the doctor had said he thought it might be a urine infection and sent me away with some antibiotics, if only it had been.
We met friends at this beauty spot that evening for a barbecue.  I just sat on the rug feeling rotten and telling everyone i probably had a urine infection.  I remember when we went to leave having to walk across the field to get back to the car park and it was such a struggle.  I'm glad to have been back there with the children today and had a nice time with them, hopefully I won't just remember that place for how I felt at the barbecue that day now.
Tonight I am in bed exhausted, it was quite a lot of driving for me today and also I seemed to knock up 1000 steps just around the house this evening bathing and putting Ben to bed this took me to 7600, just too many.

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