Sunday, 7 July 2013

ME CFS and weak legs

I woke up on Friday with really weak legs, but it was different this time.  Normally my thigh muscles just go very weak, but this time it was my thighs and my knees.  My knees were aching so much, my body was shouting at me to SIT / LIE DOWN.
Thank goodness for the weekend as Ant was around and he made me rest, the weather's been beautiful so I spent lots of time in the hammock in the garden and watching the tennis.  I've managed two days of under 4000 steps which has really helped.
It's really weird that I don't feel poorly as such and I'm sure it's the Perrin Technique that's made that difference, but the achey ness in my knees is a new symptom and that worries me.  My general pattern is that my symptoms are decreasing, I don't like the sound of something new.  I have felt slight achy ness in my knees before when I've been fatigued, but not like this, it's constant and my legs just don't want to be stood on - which makes things a little tricky.
This evening they felt a little better, but as I lie typing this my knees are uncomfortable and my thighs aching and weak.
The last few months have finally caught up with me.  I had to go to bed for An hour this afternoon during the Murray Wimbledon final!  Saw the first set then Feel asleep as soon as I lay down, fortunately woke in time to watch the third set, what a game!
Really got to try Hard to carry on doing not very much this week

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  1. I've had a bit of that too the last few days.... for me I know it was because I went above my normal. Having taken the freedom of a few more steps when it seemed okay I am paying a bit of a penalty. I should have known better. It seems yours has snuck up on you without apparent cause. Hopefully a few days rest will put everything right again for you. :)