Friday, 26 July 2013

Another sunny Saturday bed!

Last weekend was not so good again.  I've lost count now of how many weekend afternoons I've spent in bed.  It's soooooo frustrating, especially when the weather is good.  On Saturday I had the horrible nauseous yuckiness that I used to get and just felt rotten in the morning.
I do have a theory about my little "dip" this time.  I think it could be down to the building and kitchen fitting work that has been going on in the house.  My translocator protein tests that I had done with Dr Myhill showed that my body was not dealing with chemicals very well, in particular Formaldehyde.  Well there's quite a lot of that kicking around in my kitchen at the moment and it just seems a bit coincidental that my wellness should take a dip at this time.  In addition I've had a constant supply of Perrin spots.  By that I mean spots appearing along the lines of my Perrin massage, so on my head, forehead, neck and chest.  This teamed up with the nausea makes me think that my body is trying to deal with these toxins.  I've had the vague rises of a sore throat and tender glands too.
On Thursday I went to see my heart doctor at the hospital.  We talked over the last 6 months and I asked him lots of questions about increasing blood volume to try and improve the POTs syndrome.  When I finished he said "will you just do me one favour?"  "Will you just take one of the tablets just for one day and see how you feel". He asked so nicely, I think I might!  He has given me the same prescription for Ivabradine twice before and I've never used it.  This time I took it to the pharmacy and actually collected it which is further than I've gone before.  It would be funny if I start taking them and it cured all my ills, I know he would say to me "you see, I told you to take those 6 months ago". I'm nervous about it, I really don't want to start taking heart medication again, but I have given it a year without the beta blockers to see if my heart rate would come down on its own and it has a bit, but not enough.
Anyway, I'm going to forget about all that for now.  We are on the first day of our holiday and I intend to spend two weeks doing not very much, that has got to be a good thing.

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