Sunday, 10 November 2013

Longer than normal recovery

My last blog post finished quite positively - I'd had a bad day Sunday but then felt better Monday, but as the day went on I started to feel worse and by Tuesday I was back in bed again.  This has been my worst week probably in the last two years.  I haven't done anything all week, poor Ant has been out at work during the day and doing everything at home when he gets back.  I've felt very weak.  My thighs just don't seem to have any power.  This is the first week I can remember for a long time where I've actually had to ask friends for help.  I hate the thought of having to do that, but people often offer and this week I needed the help.
 I managed to get an appointment with my cranial osteopath for yesterday and Ant drove me down there (it's about 50 minutes away by car).  My diaphragm and sacrum had locked up and he supects that my body had been feeling stressed for a while.  The result of the treatment meant another afternoon in bed when we got home.  When I awoke this morning, I had slept well and my body felt calmer, but still weak.  I didn't make it down to the cenotaph in the village this morning, something we normally all do as a family.  So, it's been another quiet day of recovery today and I hope that tomorrow will be the start of a better, stronger, week.

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