Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Moving in the right direction

Finally feel like I've turned a corner, feeling much better today, a bit more back to my normal self and I've done a bit of driving and socialising today and coped well,which has been good.  Not sure how much of that I can put down to yesterdays Perrin treatment - I certainly slept well after it which is unusual, I normally sleep worse the night after a treatment, or, whether it's that my body has  just had the time that it needed.
Here's today's WEGO question:

Write about how being a patient or caregiver has changed you. How have your goals changed? Have your values changed?

I dislike the word "patient", but it's quite pertinent really, you can't rush recovery, you have to be "patient" and this is something that I have had to learn.  This whole situation has made me much more reflective and that's not a bad thing providing I am using that reflection positively to help me move forward.  
 It's made me take seriously what I feed into my body and how I fuel it, and realise how important it is to nourish yourself physically and emotionally.  As a busy parent it is easy to put everyone else's needs first, but it is critical to look after our own needs.  This illness has taught me how much I took good health for granted AND how I have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing.
It has curbed my activity enormously and created lots of frustration, but it has also slowed my life and my activity, this creates more time to enjoy and be mindful of what's going on around me.   More snuggly movie afternoons on the sofa with my son, more evenings at home with the family.
I don't think my values have changed, but my goals are now so much more immediate, it's about achieving small steps forward and maintaining them, building on the little steps  until they accumulate into something bigger, that one big goal of recovery.

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