Friday, 22 July 2011

A Good Day

Well, I've carried on taking the Niacinamide that I mentioned in the last post and haven't felt any repeat of the "buzz" that I had that fiirst day, nor of the horrible headache that came later that first day either so those things were obviously unrelated.
I have introduced the next new supplement too... B12 in the form of a 5000mcg spray which I spray under my tongue.  It tastes DISGUSTING!  I have to have my breakfast ready to eat and brush my teeth really quickly afterwards.  Yesterday, the first day I took it, although it had gone from my mouth my mind could still taste it at lunchtime.
Anyway, today has been a good day.  I had a really good meditation before getting up and felt soooo relaxed.  Whilst getting ready for the day I found my brain having ideas about things I could do.  One of these ideas involved running a regular junk modelling session for my youngest and his friends, the other about doing some work in the greenhouse.  Neither of these are the sort of things I have contemplated for ages due to the energy involved in either.  But, this morning it seemed really positive to me that my brain seems to be "feeling better" ahead of my body.  Perhaps all of these supplements are having some effect.  It's good that I'm even starting to think about doing such things.  I do need to be conscious of my doctors words however should my body catch up and feel like it has energy for such activities: any "excess" energy my body has must be used for healing.
After breakfast the three children and myself tackled the lounge which was starting to wind me up as it  was so messy and I can't remember the last time I dusted or hoovered it.  It was desperate and needed some attention.  Together we sorted through it and although it wasn't perfect by the end it was a good outcome - I didn't over do it and it looked much better.  Tidying has been made much easier for me recently following the purchase of a "Classic Grabber".  I was previously struggling with bending down and picking things up on a regular basis such as you might do whilst tidying due to my POTS Syndrome.  This sort of activity would tire me incredibly quickly.  So, the grabber has come to the rescue.

Classic Grabber
 We have great fun with it too.  My youngest thinks it's a fantastic prop for all his battle games.  I love picking up dirty socks that the little ones are in the habit of leaving on the floor and throwing them back at the children.  It can pick up the smallest of things, even tiny bits of lego.

So after tidying I went straight outside to the garden and did another meditation in the gorgeous sunshine which hasn't been possible for a while as the weather has not been so good.  I love meditating outside.

This afternoon the children and I went to socialise with friends and now here I am at 9.10pm (which is past my official bedtime) and I'm still feeling good.  Today has been a good day.

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