Sunday, 31 July 2011

Swimming in positivity

Yesterday I received a copy of David Mickel's book about Mickel Therapy and this morning I sat on the hammock out in the garden reading it.  His theory that the hypothalmus has been sent into overdrive does resonate with me and I would like to try the treatment.  There is just one small issue...the nearest practitioner is nearly two hours away by train.  The Lightening Process treatment which I'm also considering I can access locally, but I see that as more helping me to deal with my symptoms whereas the Mickel Therapy much more targeting the actual triggers of the symptoms.  I have more thinking to do on this choice.
I had a really good appointment with my Cranial Osteopath yesterday morning.  He said that he thought things were moving more, more fluid.  I hope that this is a result of all the supplements I have been taking since I saw him last.  He was also pleased with how long it had been since my previous appointment (between 5-6 weeks) and how my body had coped in that time.
By the time I had driven home from my appointment I was good for nothing and only just managed to gather enough energy to eat some lunch. I had to miss out on a family trip out to Marlborough planned for the afternoon, but it would have been ridiculous for me to go, I had no energy.  Instead I went to bed for a couple of hours.
In the evening we went to friends for dinner and had a lovely evening.  I drove home and didn't get to bed until 11.30pm which is really late for me and today I feel fine, this is very good.  Infact today DD2 wanted to go for a swim, something I used to love to do but have been avoiding - besides the energy it uses, I struggle with the cold.  Today however I said that I would take DD2 and DS1!  This is very strange behaviour on my part and makes me think again as previously mentioned that my mind is ahead of my body on the road to recovery.  Anyway I did take them and although I spent three quarters of an hour just sat on the side of the pool dangling my feet in whilst they frolicked around, I did get in for about 15-20 minutes and played with them before the cold got me and by that time they were ready to get out.  It's 3 hours later now and as yet I have had no crash of energy which is brilliant.  I am conscious that this could still happen at any time in the next 2-3 days, but I'm hopeful that it will not.  I must do nothing tomorrow.

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