Monday, 18 July 2011

Monthly Blip

It's become apparent to me that my monthly menstruation cycle is having a big impact on my CFS symptomns.  Ant says that he has always been aware of this, but I think that in earlier days when I was just feeling rubbish all the time I didn't really feel any worse at that time of the month.  For the past two months however when I have been feeling somewhat better in general I have therefore noticed more easily a significant increase in my general feeling of malaise, fatigue and horribleness, particularly on the first and second day of my monthly cycle.
Sadly, this month that co-incided with a bar-b-que invite that we'd had from friends.  I had been feeling rotten all day, but decided that I'd really much rather feel rotten in the company of good and funny friends than just at home.  Retrospectively, I'm not so sure that this was a good decision on my part.  My friends were good and very funny, but I wasn't and should have been at home in bed.
So, armed with this new found knowledge I should of course make sure that I don't plan any major events when I know it's going to clash with my monthly cycle, but, in reality, I am weak and the call of my friends is strong.

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