Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I've booked it

Well, I'd had a really busy weekend and coped with it very well.  Yesterday (Monday) I was fatigued, but it wasn't a relapse or a crash.  I had a lie down in the afternoon and my tolerance levels were low, I felt stressed and had a short fuse, but my spirits were high.  I slept really well on Monday night and today I feel back to where I was before the weekend i.e. what is now "normal" for me.  This is all very encouraging.

So today I have taken the plunge and booked myself some appointments with a Mickel Therapist.  I had been hesitant and I know why, it's because I've read recovery stories where people say that Mickel Therapy completly cured them.  My hesitance comes from the thought, at the moment, that this might really help me, but if I start it and it doesn't work then it has failed.  At the moment in my mind this treatment could cure me and it's nice to have that hope.
I'm going to make the two hour train journey on Friday and have my first treatment that afternoon then I will stay over night and have a second session on Saturday morning, returning home in the afternoon.  I am both excited and nervous.  The practitioner I am going to see sounds lovely on the phone and very understanding.

I had a phone call from the hospital today about the blood tests they did last week.  My ferritin levels are down again.  When I was first ill my ferritin was down to 5.  January this year it was 7 but after three months of iron supplements by April it was up to 40.  Now, just over three months later it is back down to 15, so I await a letter but I suspect that I might be back on the iron supplements.

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