Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fab Week

Whilst the children have been usefully and purposefully occupied elsewhere (music school), Ant and I have  spent the past week in the New Forest.  The idea was to relax and unwind and this we did.
The good news is that for the duration of the holiday my energy levels were great.  On Wednesday we hired a tandem and cycled 11 miles.  Ant said he couldn't feel me pedalling behind, but I was, all the way.  It's a bit strange being on the back of a tandem as you can't see where you are going nor do you have any brakes.  This means you have to put all your faith in the person in front of you and trust that they are going to do it right and not get you into any scrapes.  We manged the whole 11 miles without falling off and found a nice pub on the way.
On Friday morning we went into the forest and walked non stop for an hour and a half.  This is an unprecedented distance for me at the moment and I couldn't believe it.  There is still more... on Saturday after we had picked up the children, we went for a short walk and came to a huge sand dune at first I sat at the base whilst the others climbed to the top but then I thought I'm going to have a go and up I went slowly but surely to the top.  They all gave me a big cheer at the top and I felt quite emotional.  I was reminded of how hard it was for me to climb up to my seat at the Take That concert in July.  The difference between the two was incredible.  I don't know what has created this great difference, whether it is the Mickel Therapy or all the supplements I'm taking having some noticeable effect, I'm guessing probably a combination of the two.
The week was a great success and has felt like a great achievement.

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