Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's a week and a day now since I returned from my Mickel Therapy weekend.  It's been a really good week and I haven't had to take myself off to bed for an afternoon nap all week.  My family probably think I have been abducted by aliens.  What Mickel therapy has shown me is that actually I am not very good at analysing or even recognising my own emotional state.  I find trying to pinpoint what emotion it is that I'm actually feeling at any time really hard, but it is necessary so I must work at it.
I haven't been going silly pushing my body to extremes this week, but neither have I stopped myself from doing anything that I've wanted.  It has given me great pleasure to play swingball in the garden with the kids.   It's an active pastime that I can do with them and the closest I've been, along with our garden cricket for which I employ a "runner", to something that feels like sport for two years!
My house has benefited from my new found energy this week.  The kitchen has stayed in a reasonable state all week and on Thursday I decided to completly spring clean our bedroom.  It took two days but now the job is done and it looks lovely, it's one of those jobs that I've been wanting to do but not had the energy to tackle.  Yesterday we harvested the greengages and with the help of Ant and the girls who were busy washing and chopping, I spent a couple of hours jamming them and stewing them for the freezer.  This morning I was up at 6.30am to finish off the last batch.  These things, that might seem like very small things to your average bod, are all very positive signs to me that both mind and body are moving in the right direction.

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