Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mickel Therapy Weekend

Yesterday I travelled by train to meet my Mickel Therapist.  I spent the afternoon with him and then stayed over at a local hotel and saw him for another two hours this morning so pretty intense really.  Following these sessions I now have all I need to come away and put Mickel therapy into practice.   So how do I feel about it now?  I think it is going to take some hard work to put into practice.  I also have to put faith in the method as parts of it challenge some of my previous thinking, but if it's going to have it's best chance of working I need to be fully committed, so I have to go for it.
Initial signs are good.  On Friday after travelling down and having a nearly 3 hour long session I walked back through town to my hotel - further than I've walked for some time.  Today we had another 2 hour session, then a two hour train journey home.  Ant was expecting me to spend the afternoon on the sofa completley exhausted when I got home (this would have been normal) but instead I took two of the children down to the bowls club to see their grandma, then I stopped off at a friends house for a long chat before coming home and then popping down to see a neighbour.  I'm not fatigued.  I am however going to bed now!

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