Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Morning After

I woke at 5.08am this morning, a little early so I led there for a while and got up at about 6.45am.  I felt really good.  Ant can always tell when I'm feeling good as I leap enthusiastically out of bed with "things to do".  And so I did this morning.
My energy levels were pretty good all day, but there were some effects from yesterdays Perrin technique treatment.  My sinuses were really blocked when I woke, but cleared after my first morning treatment and then for a couple of hours I could feel fluid coming down the back of my throat.  After my second self treatment of the day I had a strong bout of nausea.  Nausea is a common side effect and is due to the fact that the liver is having to deal with all the toxins being released into your system.  Perrin recommends Milk Thistle to help combat this, but I'm already taking so many supplements I don't really want to ad any more to the list, instead I am just trying to drink more water.  I had two other bouts of nausea during the day, it just seems to come in waves.  The base of my spine aches due to the spinal twists that I'm doing 4 times a day.  So, these things are all manageable particularly as my energy level has been good today.
I went to see a talk on Mindfulness yesterday, it came as a timely reminder to keep working on my  meditation practise, there are so many benefits.  The speaker Professor Mark Williams touched on the inability of humans to cut off their "fight or flight" response, this resonates with me as my body often feels like it is on full alert.  Even when I think I am relaxed inside my body still feels like it's going at full pelt.  I would like to mentally be able to switch off the fight or flight response.  Mickel therapy aims to do exactly that - to calm down the hypothalamus.  I think Mark Williams is suggesting that mindfulness might help with this.
So, it's 9.39pm now and considering I've been up so long I should probably be feeling tired, but I'm not.  Mustn't push it.

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