Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Needing a boost

Well, I'm not sure how I'm doing now.  When I went to my Perrin appointment on Friday I felt I was teetering on the edge of a crash.  On Sunday I took the children to the local swimming pool -  a bad move as later that day I had to drive for over an hour to collect Ant from the airport.   So, definitely over did it Sunday.  Low and behold Tuesday - 2 days later -  fatigue set in, in fact it probably started Monday, I was in bed by 8pm and last night I only made it until 7.30pm.  I almost fell asleep in the afternoon sat in the garden except that the noise of my book falling out of my hand and clattering on the patio below woke me.  After the swimming pool trip on Sunday I had to go to bed for nearly 2 hours in the afternoon before my drive.  So, my fatigue is definitely worse at the moment.  I awoke unrefreshed this morning and my limbs, particularly my thighs, are just so heavy.  I've just delivered my DS 250 metres down the road and it was so much effort, especially on a slight incline.  The question is, is this a result of the Perrin treatment or is it just because I have overdone it?
No nausea or headaches after my treatment on Friday, but I have had tenderness under my collar bones during massage.  My sleep has been a bit weird since starting the treatment.  It feels like it has been fairly deep sleep, but then I wake really early, 4.37am this morning.  Then I doze in a not quite asleep sort of way until about 5.30 - 5.45am then I start meditating, so, this has been quite good for my meditation practise.
On Monday I went to see my Cranial Osteopath whom I haven't seen for a couple of months.  He was generally pretty pleased, said my body had responded well to the treatment, but that he could tell it was tired and that I was showing signs of selenium deficiency.  I am already taking 260mcg of selenium a day so I am going to speak to Dr Myhill and see if I can get my level checked.  It could be of course that I'm just not absorbing any of the stuff that I'm putting in in the way of supplements.  No way of telling really.  His treatment really calmed the inner agitation that was going on in my system and I could have fallen asleep there and then on his table.  To finish with he did the weird thing that he does just under my left ribs which makes my whole diaphragm harden and tense, it makes me feel very emotional when this happens, tearful, and then I get this strange rippling sensation as it releases.  The closest I can describe this sensation of tensing to is the uncontrollable urge to push down that you get when delivering a baby, it's the same sort of sensation.
So at the moment my days seem to be the typical rollercoaster pattern that I am very familiar with, really well last week and physically low this week.  Going to the theatre tonight, so need to take it easy today.

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