Sunday, 20 May 2012

Perrin Tecnique - second treatment

Had my second treatment on Friday morning.  It wiped me out a bit in the afternoon, I could really have gone to bed, but didn't as the two youngest children were at home, so put on a Star Wars movie instead and sat with my little one on the sofa.  On Saturday morning I was nauseous from pretty early on and it lasted most of the morning.  By 6pm I had a bad headache (I don't often get headaches) which lasted all evening.  Both of these I am taking to be good signs that the treatments are having an effect on my system.  A bit nauseous this morning (Sunday) but not as much, it reminds me of being pregnant.  Sleep has been much better these past two nights which is great.  I've been sleeping for 3 hours at a time rather than the 1 and a half hours at a time I was managing last week.
I even risked taking a FIR sauna this morning.  I haven't been saunaing since I started the Perrin treatment because I didn't want to mess it up.  I've been fine and starting perspiring after only 27 minutes at 43 degrees which is good for me.
I've stepped up my meditating too.  Feeling really positive about things at the moment.

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