Tuesday, 2 October 2012


On Wednesday I left the house to go to my yoga class but when I sat in the car it wouldn't start.  This was very frustrating but there was nothing I could do.  It made me realise how much I was enjoying the sessions that I didn't want to miss one.  Anyway it opened up a new opportunity to me, I decided to try the Pilates class that happens on a Thursday instead.  I knew I probably couldn't do the two classes in a week so this was a chance to try it.
The pilates class was small, just three of us and I managed to do it all.  The things I seem to have problems with now are those where I'm bending over and my head is lower than my shoulders or where my arms are above my head or if I'm lying on my back with legs raised.  I think it is probably something to do with the POTS syndrome.  Afterwards I didn't feel as good as after the yoga class and unfortunately I had a bit of running around to do in the car afterwards so couldn't go straight home and rest.  I knew by late afternoon that the Pilates class had been too much.  My heart rate raised and stayed up all of Friday, my digestive system also wasn't right.  Both of these now recognisable signs that I have overdone it.  On Friday I felt on the brink of a relapse, with that internal feeling of agitation in my system.  By Saturday I had recovered, heart rate back down again and everythingthing feeling much better again.
Interestingly, this week I have also been under some emotional stress and my body seems to be coping well with that too.  All very encouraging.  Anyway, this week I'll be back to the yoga class.  I know now that I'm not quite ready for the Pilates.  It is great though that I got through the whole of the class this week especially when I think back to my attempts to do a Chi gong class at the start of this year and how badly that went.  A noticeable step forwards.
2/10/12 brain fog today.  

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