Thursday, 19 April 2012

Perrin technique & new symptoms

Tomorrow I am going to start a new treatment - the Perrin Technique . I am both excited and nervous about it.  There is a chance that it will make me feel worse before I start to feel better, but this will be seen as a good thing.  If you have a reaction to the treatment it shows that the treatment is "agitating" your system and getting things moving.  I have considered Perrin before and purchased Raymond Perrins book to read about the approach.  The reason I haven't tried it sooner is that up until recently I would have had an hours drive to the nearest therapist.  I already travel for 45 minutes to my cranial osteopath and know how hard that is after a treatment.  It's exhausting and I can do nothing else on those days.  Now I have a Perrin practitioner less than a mile away, I can hardly believe it.  I know she does not have lots of experience with the technique as she has only recently qualified as a practitioner, but I know she is a respected physiotherapist.
It's time to try something new.  Haven't been brilliant these past few weeks.  During the period September to Christmas last year I felt I was constantly moving in the right direction, I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger.  Since January it really hasn't felt like that, it's been up and down. 
I have a new symptom which has crept up on me and I find a little scary.  It's a type of numbness on my skin, but most strangely, when I am lying down it's as if I am unaware of where my limbs are.  I can think my wrists and hands are on the bed, but actually they are on my stomach or vice versa.  This probably sounds crazy, but I can't think of a better way to describe it.  I don't like the idea of new symptoms, I like the idea of conquering old symptoms.
I have officially taken a break from Mickel Therapy now, I finally got around to letting my Mickel therapist know how torn I was feeling.  Do I feel it has failed? No, it has been very helpful and I hope to go back to it at some point.
I think tomorrow's Perrin session will be mainly an information gathering and diagnostic exercise, but I shall let you know how it goes dear blog.

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