Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rollercoaster Day

I had been waiting enthusiastically all morning for my first Perrin technique appointment which was at 12.30pm yesterday, then, after  one thing and another I didn't leave the house to walk there until 12.20pm - not long enough to walk there, not at my current pace.  So, of course I ended up rushing and arrived feeling light headed, nauseous and with my heart racing.  She wasn't ready for me so I sat in the waiting room feeling rotten and upset at how such a short walk at a decent pace had made me feel.
"So" she asked when I went in and sat down "how have you been?"
I tried to compose myself and then said "I'm sorry, I'm feeling a bit emotional" and then promptly burst into tears.  Not a great start then to my first Perrin appointment, but from there it all got better.
She took a detailed history and looked at the movement I had in my back and neck  Next, she looked for the  four physical signs that Ray Perrin says are indicative of CFS/ME, almost diagnostic tools.  Three of the four were easy to find, the fourth - Perrin's point - less obvious.
She went on to show me the self massage techniques that I will do three times a day and finished with some cranial sacral therapy, before sending me off with a DVD and some paperwork.  It all took about an hour.
I took a slow plod home via the library.  Noticable reactions in my body to the treatment were that immediately afterwards I was cold and couldn't warm up.  That didn'tl last too long.  About two hours after the treatment I had pain above my eyes and either side of the bridge of my nose.  In general the treatment made me feel very much as my normal cranial osteopathy does - washed out.  I was due to be going out to the theatre in the evening and it wasn't looking good for that in the afternoon, It would have been very easy to have not gone,but I spent the afternoon on the sofa and did go out that evening.  I was so glad I did, the comedian we saw was excellent I laughed and laughed and it was a lovely way to finish the day.
When I woke up the next morning (yesterday) I felt great.  I had some energy and enjoyed that feeling.  I knew it wouldn't last all day, but I didn't waste it and it felt good.
Ant watched the Perrin DVD I was given to see how to do the back and neck massage he can help with and then at lunchtime we did the whole routine.
Today I am going to do the three lots of massage you're supposed to do every day.  The first one is a full routine of head, neck, chest and back and then two shorter ones just on the head.
Feeling good : )

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