Monday, 30 April 2012

Perrin technique - 10 days on

So, I have been continuing with my daily massage techniques since my first treatment last Friday.  All has been going well.  It does feel a bit strange after the head massages,  but it soon passes.  From Friday to Tuesday the area that you massage to, just below the clavicle bones, was really tender.  On Wednesday evening fatigue set in and lasted all through Thursday, but was better by Friday.  On Sunday I had my first bout of nausea.  The only other reactions have been occasional headaches around the eyes - on the brow.  I think I was expecting more of a physical reaction.
What I have noticed is the sense of optimism that comes with starting a new treatment, a sense of hope and a positive feeling that you are actually doing something to try and overcome this.  Looking back over the previous month I think I was in quite a low place mentally over the situation, but now I am lifted again.
I have opted out of a treatment this week as I have a 24 hour ECG starting on Thursday and I don't want to do anything that might give me a reaction and show up on the ECG, so I will be booking my next treatment for next week.
On Saturday I had a lovely day out with some girl friends.  It was quite a long day and in the afternoon I swam 4 lengths of a hotel pool.   I haven't done any swimming for ages and I await to see if I have any reaction to it.  If I'm going to it will probably happen today or tomorrow, but i took it really easily so hopefully it will be fine.  One thing I did notice was how weak my arms muscles are these days.  They were aching after just these few lengths.  I used to plough up and down the local pool.  When I can exercise again, I'm going to have to spend some time building my muscles up again.  I purposefully stayed away from extreme changes in temperature, like the sauna and steam room as I know my body doesn't cope well with them and it often stimulates a reaction.  It was a good day and I was sleepy tired by the end of it which is always a nice feeling.  I definitely think that "Girls Day Out" therapy is very good for me : )

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