Monday, 16 June 2014

Great week of energy

It's been a really great week for me.  I started feeling good a week ago Friday and today is Monday! That is nine consecutive days of feeling good.  I can't remember the last time that happenned, but it certainly hasn't happenned since last summer, so this is huge. What makes this even more remarkable is that I haven't just been plodding around the house and garden having "baseline" days, I have actually been putting my body through quite a hard time.  I did have a couple of evenings last week where by 7pm I was fatigued and needed to do nothing - eat and go to bed - , but by the morning I was fine again.

 My 7 day rolling steps figure at the moment is 48,918.  My normal baseline is 5000 steps a day which would make my normal 7 day rolling figure around 35,000, so that's a big increase over a week. That figure has been pushed up by a weekend trip to the beach, where it was a long walk to the car, toilets, ice cream shop and sea! Not only lots of walking, but lots of walking on sand - not the easiest. As we've only just got back from the wekend I guess I could still get my delayed post exertional malaise tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll have to wait and see. Even if I do, the amount i'd done even before the weekend was much more than I have been doing recently and I managed it well.

 So, I guess the question is, what has made the difference? I wish I knew. Could it just be a cummulative effect of all the measures I've been putting in place finally paying off? Could it be that I'm having a length of time where my hormones are all settled? I'm eating well, but then I normally do. I'm not sleeping any better, still waking in the night and early in the morning. I'm meditating when I can and using mantras alot, alot more than I have in the past. I can't put my finger on anything in particular. If anything if been taking less supplements than I usually do, inspired by David Agnus's book "The End of Illness" to try and get all my nutritional goodness from my food.

 Trying not to overdo it today, but coming back from a weekend away means there is lots to be done. I've showered, unpacked, done 2 lots of washing so far, organised some school work for my son and filled in a visa application, been to the supermarket to get food in and made lunch, so my quiet day at home hasn't really panned out that way yet.

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