Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Recovery time needed.

For the past two and a half weeks my body has done everything I've asked of it.  Yesterday however was just a push too far.  I had a wonderful day in Wimbledon, perfect weather, perfect tennis and perfect company (you know who you are), but I made a foolish schoolgirl error by thinking I could walk from the tube station to the courts wearing a backpack.  I am not yet invincible it seems.
I made it to the courts, but by the time we got there my legs were crying out to me and I had to sit down.  Then the heat got to me and I had to seek shelter.  Once we were in our centre court seats and preparing to watch Rafa et al things felt better.
Besides the walk carrying the heavy lunch bag, it was noticeable that standing in slow moving queues and standing on the tube trains was hardest, this will be due to Orthostatic intolerance, whilst I was sat watching the matches though my heart rate was good yesterday.
Travel disruptions on the way home made the journey home harder than was necessary.
It was a great day, but today I can feel that internal fragility and agitation that I associate with my particular ME symptoms..  My body doesn't want to get out of bed this morning and my thighs are "burning".  I will try and have as easy a day as possible and give myself some recovery time.  I could do with my 6 day meditation retreat starting today really, but I only have 4 days to wait.
Was it worth it, would I do it all again tomorrow?, YES.
I feel an essay title coming on:
If you have ME and find you have energy, do you do nothing and let that energy work on repairing your body or do you go out there and do all those things you want/love to do?  Discuss.

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